1808 Spring Water Pt

Colorado Springs  Indoor Golf & Sports Bar

We offer seven indoor golf simulators that are designed for golfers at any and all stages of their game. A single golfer can play 18-holes, indoors, in a as little as one hour! Start with the driving range then to Pebble Beach or Kapalua!

Let's Make Your Colorado Springs Event or Party A Smash Hit! Customizable packages available for party sizes ranging from 10-100+ people. Catering, open bar & beverage packages, as well as golf tips/lessons with a pro are all available.

Teams battle head to head in a 10 week, handicapped stroke play format on the world's best indoor golf simulators. Do you have what it takes to be crowned the X-League Champion? Get a Free 18-hole round when you join!

X-Golf has developed a golf lesson teaching system that combines expert advice, swing analysis, and a welcoming environment that will redefine the way you golf! Start with a game analysis sessions for under $100

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This new technology measures not only the motion vector of the golf ball but also the movement of the golf club, such as path, angle of attack, trajectory, and velocity. This allows us to perfectly replicate the golf ball's flight laws of physics (Draw, fade, hook, slice). It does not stop there, however, with the impact sensor measuring fat or thin shots, tops or chunks, and all of the things that can go wrong when playing on a traditional course.



98% Shot Prediction Accuracy

X-Golf's state of the art indoor golf simulators offers players unparalleled accuracy and realism through a combination of camera systems, infrared lasers, impact sensors, and advanced gaming software. Our dedicated kiosks offer visitors the ultimate golfing entertainment experience with virtual reality gaming, food and beverages, competitions, leagues, golf lessons, memberships, corporate outings, social events and more.

X-Golf's relaxed, welcoming atmosphere makes it perfect for players of all ages and all skill levels. X-Golf is ideal for work events, birthday parties, corporate functions, Buck's Nights or Ladies Night Out.